Josefin Hermansson

At the moment I'm working on translating and updating the content of this website. It can look a little messy and some content might not be available in English yet. I hope that you can still enjoy what you see anyway 

My name is Josefin Hermansson, a dancer turned Graphic Designer from the woods north of Stockholm.

I have four main professional Interests: Stage-design, illustration, animation and graphic design. The last mentioned is proven by my bachelors degree in the subject. Stage design can be described as a everything visual in a stage production and for me it's all about making the producers/directors/writers vision. This is something that is reflected in how I work in design. I take my own thoughts and knowledge to make someones vision a reality. 

I can be described as curious, creative and almost too ambitious. I have spent the last three years doing event poster for Dalarnas student union along with doing the stage design as well as the marketing for the Last five years. After focusing on Graphic design for the past three years I want to improve my skills in animation and motion graphics. 

Obviously I'm not just focusing on work. I am a dancer, as I already mentioned, with or without a hairbrush-shaped microphone. I love to bike or sit with a book and a cup of tea.

Some personal favourites