Sneak peek: 50 logos

Every day for 50 days, starting February 5th 2021 I will get a mail in my inbox. The mail contains a greeting, prompt, and name ideas. The purpose is to improve, experiment, and add more content to my portfolio. 

I take 1-2 hours in the beginning of my day to design these logos. Starting off with sketching by hand and then moving on to Illustrator. After a couple of days I started feeling quite proud over my work, and so I felt like sharing it. I will update on a somewhat regular basis but if you are curious about the process and sketches will have to wait until the end of those 50 days.

The Daily Logo challenge is a good project to take on, and it's available to anyone. If you are curious about it, I left you the link to their website below.


  • Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator

    All logos were made using Illustrator