Lillian Bassman, most well known for her work in photography, was also a great layouter for, among others, Harper's Bazaar. Bassman's photographs showed a new side of femininity and sensuality. Her love for experimentation in the dark room is what gave her pictures the soft, contrasted expression for which she became famous.

The assignment was to create some form of magazine to honour a chosen designer, in my case: Lillian Bassman. The magazine was supposed to be at least 16 pages, and designed inspired by Bassman's style.

The first step of the process was to gather inspiration. One of the biggest problems in this step was the fact that Bassman's photography was what made her famous. This meant that her work in layout was a bit harder to find.

In the end I managed to find 6 spreads which I could determine, based on interviews about her work, was for the most part made by Lillian Bassman.

After all the inspiration had been collected, I created sketches based on the spreads and the expression Bassman showed in her work.


  • Adobe Photoshop

    Was used for minimal colour adjustments.

  • Adobe Indesign

    Was used to put together the entire project.