Lähdins Delikatessmjölk

The assignment was to design packaging and create marketing materials for a dairy product. 

First of all I had to create the dairy product. The brand was supposed to be created through storytelling, which meant that you use the company's background (real or fictional) to build up and enhance a brand. Lähdins delikatessmjölk was based on a fictional story about some of the real farmers that lived at Backa gård in the middle of the 19th century. August Lähdin was, according to the story, extremely picky regarding which cow would give him the milk for his coffee, porridge, dinner, etc. He meant that each cow breed gave unique characteristics to the milk. 

The packaging was inspired by a six-pack of beer, as well as other packaging for wine, and milk bottles. The glass bottle was the obvious choice, as the product reflected a certain level of "exclusivity". 

The design of the packaging was meant to reflect the story behind the company, but at the same time not feel too old-fashioned. Each package has an illustration of a cow, of the same breed that the milk came from. 

After the packaging design was finalised, a marketing campaign was to be developed. I won't go through the entire campaign but will instead focus on the most important parts it included.

First of all, there has to be a focus on social media for the majority of companies. Based on the target audience for the company, Facebook received the most priority. 

An advertisement for the magazine Buffé was created, as well as marketing materials to put in the stores next to related products on the shelves. 

The store marketing materials also displays the gamification that would be done. A simple lottery where a symbol would be printed on the inside of the bottle cap, which indicates different prizes. This gamification was also advertised in various local newspapers. 


  • Illustrator Draw

    Illustrator Draw

    Was used to create all the illustrations, sketches, and patterns.

  • Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator

    Was used to polish and adjust details in the illustrations, as well as creating the logo and packaging design.

  • Adobe Indesign

    Was used to put together illustrations with text.