The Last Five Years

In 2018 I was a part of the production of The Last Five Years at Teater Satelliten. During the production I worked both as a scenographer, as well as having the responsibility for the work in graphic design. The graphic design work included, among other things, creating the logo, the poster, and the programme.

The show is about Cathy and Jamie's relationship, how it started and how it ends. What makes this story extra unique is that the characters rarely shares the stage as they tell their sides of the story. Cathy starts with the end, while Jamie starts with the beginning.

Photography by Yann Key Wong.

One of the first parts that was created for the production was the logo. The logo was meant to play with the concept of time that the show focuses on, as well as the relationship the characters have to each other. It was also meant to reflect the already existing logo for the show, to create a sense of recognition for those who were already familiar with the musical. 

The final logo focuses on the clocks, which is one of the main themes in the show, but in a simplified way compared to earlier sketches. 

With the logo created, I also made a poster reflecting the themes that are brought up during the show. The choice of keeping everything in greyscale was to reduce the printing costs, as well as to reflect the minimalistic way of expression that the show had. 

Programmet fortsatte på det svartvita uttrycket med en enklare variation av affischen som omslag och svartvita bilder som en genomgående punkt. Den främsta utmaningen i detta steg var att behålla all information om ensemblen som Helen Fredstam hade tagit fram och ändå behålla det låga sidantalet.


  • Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator

    Was used to create the silhouettes, the logo, etc.

  • Adobe Indesign

    Was used to finalise the poster and the programme.