Till we meet again

Till we meet again is a single written by Christine Kandelhart that just so happens to be an old classmate of mine. She sent me a message and asked if I was able to make her a couple of album covers, to which I answered: absolutely!

This is Christine's first album since the graduation. She explained that you can interpret it in two different ways. Either as a message to someone you know you won't see again in a very long time, or that the song is a message to someone that you will not see again, either for a very long time or never. 


Christine had a pretty clear idea for how she wanted the cover to look. A romantic typeface on a starry sky with a moon clearly visible in the picture. The moon symbolises the romantic idea that we are always watching the same moon. The starry sky is meant to represent something she heard as a child: that when someone dies they become a new star in the sky. 

Based on this idea I made a few sketches. In these sketches I experimented with the placement of the text relative to the moon. I also wanted to test a few with the ocean/water in them to represent time. I also decided to throw in a "wildcard" that went away from the original idea to see if there was an option we hadn't yet explored.

Among the sketches Christine pointed out the ones that appealed to her the most, and from those we created a few prototypes. In the end it was the one that resembled the original idea the most that was chosen, so with some polishing the image was ready for publication.


  • Adobe Photoshop

    Was used to create the background.

  • Adobe Indesign

    Was used to add the text.